Author of the the memoir HARLEM HEROIN(E) Over 1.9 MILLION people have viewed her documentary, which premiered in 2019 YouTube, where she gives a riveting account of life on the streets of Harlem in the 80’s and 90’s era. MS TEE

Meet Ms Tee

Tonia May Taylor was born and raised in Harlem in a two-parent household. Ms. Tee as her father affectionately began calling her at an early age became intrigued by Harlem’s fast life lifestyle. Her dad was a very disciplined Jamaican man and her mother was a sweet, not so disciplinarian from the south.

She was raised around good morals and good work ethics. She was raised around celebrities like Kim Fields and Al Fann who put on shows in her old block on 133rd and 7th Avenue. 7th Avenue is where a lot of Harlem’s Street Legends like Nicky Barnes hung out. Places like Smalls Paradise and Mr. B’s were landmarks that you would see in the old movies like Super Fly and more modern movies like American Gangster.

Although she was raised to be respectful and to take education seriously, she yearned for that popular street life; a life that she kept hidden from her parents. She was able to keep that balance between staying in school and living that street life that she so desperately yearned for. That curiosity eventually led her to becoming a drug dealer as well as the love interest of some of the most influential and dangerous men in the game. Ms. Tee dealt with killers and drug dealers that rappers like Nas and Jadakiss have rapped about. Ms. Tee helped  run successful drug operations in Harlem. At 16 she sold angel dust out of her Louis Vuitton purse on 123rd and 7th Avenue. Unbeknownst to her this is where drug legends and empires operated. 

As she got older, Ms. Tee continued to involve herself with individuals that were very well known in the criminal world. That life led her into situations that almost ended her life. After being tied up at 6 months pregnant and shot on another occasion, she still didn’t get it until the death of her brother in June of 2000.

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Ms. Tee eventually got her life on track and decided to give back. She worked with wayward youth living in group homes in New York and Atlanta. She returned to college and attained 2 degrees. After returning to New York in 2009 she ran a program that found housing for the mentally ill who were able to live independently. Later as a Senior Case Manager she oversaw a program that housed homeless Veterans. In that program Veterans were literally taken off the streets and were provided with housing, job skills and other wrap around services that assisted them with being productive in society. Ms. Tee Later was promoted as Director of housing for that same program.

Ms. Tee’s objective is to help those in a community where she was once complicit in destroying. 

In her published memoir “HARLEM HEROIN(E )” you will be taken on a journey unlike no other. So far 3 MILLION people have viewed her documentary which premiered in 2019 YouTube, where she gives a riveting account of life on the streets of Harlem in the 80’s and 90’s era. She has undeniably become the Queen of storytelling.

You can see more of Ms. Tee on Netflix’s “Crack, Corruption & Cocaine” as well as BET’s “American Gangster Trap Queen”.

Our goal is to produce high quality Urban Fiction and Literature, and Ms. Tee has set the bar high. Her satisfied readers have been calling for more, and we're committed to giving them what they want.

Royal-T Publishing is proud to announce that Harlem’s own Ms. Tee is making her mark in the literary game with her best-selling debut novel, Harlem Heroin(e): My love affair with Harlem street life and the men who ruled it.

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Beautiful Gangster

Albert “Alpo” Martinez is an amazing individual. He is world renowned for just being who he is. He’s known for setting trends, having a huge personality and being one of the most unique human beings I have ever known. I’m not the only person who shares that sentiment.

To know Albert is to love him, whether you want to or not. He literally puts a spell on people that just can’t be shaken.

The world came to know “Alpo” from the movie, but the movie never touched the surface of who Albert really was during the drug era of the 1980’s nor did it tell the entire story of all 3 individuals that were portrayed in the movie. Albert is more than a drug dealer, a guy who killed an associate and someone who snitched on a friend.

Albert is a lover of people. He is a protector, a friend and one of the most revered street celebrities one has ever seen. Come on another journey with Ms. Tee to get to know ALBERT.

This is a love story about two people who understood each other, cared for each other and vowed to protect each other in a world that prejudged them for being unapologetically who they are.

Harlem Heroin(e):

My love affair with Harlem street life and the men who ruled it.

Tonia Taylor’s life changed forever on the night that her friend and brother Jermaine “Baby Jay” was murdered. But Jermaine was actually the last of a long line of real, smart, and handsome street dudes she encountered growing up in Harlem. In the early 80’s she became intrigued by the fast life despite growing up in a strict and disciplined household.That curiosity eventually led her to becoming a drug dealer as well as the love interest of some of the most influential men in the game. After being shot and tied up in her apartment for money she learned that money was the root to all evil.

In this tell-all memoir, she takes us on a journey back to her life on the streets of Harlem, a journey that intertwines the stories of many Street legends. You may have heard the myths about the hustlers, gangsters, and street beefs of Harlem in the 80’s and 90’s, but she was there for many of them. She had a firsthand look at who was who and what was what; and this is her story. From Fritz, Lou Sims, Ace and others, from back in the day all the way to Maine and his crew, get ready for an inside look into what street life was like for her in Harlem. This is your chance to finally learn the “why’s” that went with all those “who’s” and “what’s.”


The Streets Are Fair Game But The Game Has Never Been Fair

Ms Tee


This book is not being written to glorify the street life in no way shape or form. Selling drugs, murder and committing other crimes are wrong. Those of us who’ve done it and are still doing it should use this book as a learning tool. It tells you exactly how the game of snitching is played.

This book is for those who are still in the game and may be faced with doing prison time at some point. The question to them is; Are you ready for the consequences?

Everyone isn’t built for the game, so why play. Prison or death (unless you’re lucky) has been and will always be the outcome of the game. Plain & Simple. Nothing has changed. The only way to make sure you don’t get caught up is to get out.

Ms Tee in Media

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